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The U&O site will officially be launched March 25th 2022


Art and Lifestyle

"Opening the door to undiscovered treasures"

"Art is an amazing secret tool ... to people's heart".

"The beauty of art begins in the eyes of the beholder,

then extends in those of the observers".


- No Kitsch, no copies

- No mass productions


- Selective global talents 

   exhibiting in US and Europe

- Certificates of Authenticity

- Personal dedications

Art, projects  on demand


- Commission Art


amazing graphic painting on handmade japanese paper

U & O :    A R T   T H A T   M A K E S    S E N S E



Our corporate future is technology but our private future is definitely human and more emotional than ever.

We are passionate about what we do. We live for Artworks and are honored to represent incredibly talented upcoming artists from any location worldwide.

As you think about investing in new future technologies, another option to secure a future return of investment is surely art.

Art that makes sense?

Unique, exceptional, original ... revealing hard work, details and passion...representing most critical values in life: emotions and beauty. Transcribing the deepest sensations on canvas means opening the eyes to the world.

Possessing art works means education, human capital and style.

Find the painting you fall in love with on our site or contact us to have our professionals create your own work of art, or create a unique gift for a special person.

Buying artworks is investing in a sure value.

Artwork on the walls uploads the mood, enhances attractiveness and happiness.

Contact us for prices or questions.


Each art work is a statement. 

Our selection criteria: uniqueness and originality, handcrafted, exceptional quality and choice of materials. Reflected in each collector's piece are the artist's visions, history, mindset, emotions and inspiration. Paintings is the precious gift to all of sharing own talents to the eyes of the world.

Our first artist of 2023 is  Luigi P. from Romania. Since more than 20 years Luigi's surrealistic drawings on special hand made rice paper talk without words and impress the viewers in multiple worldwide exhibitions. You recognize a great artist by how their work makes others feel. Consciousness raises as well ass feelings of empathy for the subject. Diving into Luigi's various art works offers a free journey into unlimited messages and deepness's. Discover the fantastic present artwork : Luigi P.

Another upcoming trend and artist: Gerardo Z. from California. On oversized XXL size canvases, Gerardo creates a rare combination: the big Masters of the past perfectly re-fashioned, using an underlayer of contemporary geometrical designs.  Check him out. There is no other like him managing such a marriage. let's call it "New Renaissance".

Commission Art is as much as an upcoming value in art. Becoming more "individual and creative" than ever, we all have precise visions of our own value and purpose in this world.  Hiring a professional to transcript our personal message, or feelings onto a painting, is not just a gift for our self but to loved ones and descendants. The subjects for commission can range from a place, a situation, a portrait, an animal of company, to loved one or a special memorble moment.  I Check out the rare talent of Avelino S. and Eleda C. for amazing commission paintings.

Start your artistic lifestyle today.

Contact us for prices or any specific inquiry.

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