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Artist at Work
Graffiti Artist
Makeup Artist
Young Tattoo Artist
Day Stained Glass Workshop

What do you have for us? We cant wait to see it!

Millions of people have “incredible talent” and go nowhere. And we all know them around us. Persons with “so much ability, but…”. Why is that? Because they did not have the real support for success, which is not only talent but determination and follow-through. Every successful piece of Art also needs Personality - and - a network to bring it to the World. That's where we need each other. Your talent / our ability to network it. We look forward to getting to know you and your Art.


  • Legal Gallery - Artist contract

  • No Exclusivity Lock-In

  • Trust and Transparency

  • Flexible conditions

  • You set your own prices, you know the value

  • We make sure your Art Pieces are seen worldwide

  • We guarantee the communication : Buyer with Artist

  • U&O is responding personally to each demand

  • We select trustful and passionate artists

  • We organize a safe purchase and delivery

  • We use the newest digital marketing technologies

  • We offer a Website in 6 languages

  • Unique & Original is a  World Art Community 

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