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Sea Sevilla

California, USA

Sculptures and painting

Sea Sevilla is a Mexican-American, queer, multimedia artist who currently resides in the city of Seaside.
She graduated from college in 2012 with a degree in Art Education and Art Studio with an emphasis on Sculpture and Photography, from Humboldt State University.  Shortly after graduation, she managed to land a “Wax Finisher” position at Richard Macdonald Studios and decided to moved to the Monterey peninsula to pursue a career in Sculpture. After a few years of learning the ins and outs in the production of fine art, she ventured into the more public and educational  aspect of the trade. 
Started working at the Monterey Sculpture Center where she had the opportunity to work with artists from all over the world. 
One of her biggest accomplishments, till today, is working with Steven Whyte on his “Comfort Women Memorial” located in San Francisco. In the past couple of years, she has taken to painting and is now part of a muralist group called “La Neta”. Together they have completed seven beautiful murals around the peninsula, the most recent one being a part of We.Create in Sand City’s mural festival. “Through our murals, we seek to not only beautify, but also educate and to work with the community to create artwork that is readily available for everyone”.

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New Sculptures


"Gold panther and butterflies"

Gold leaf sculpture - resin - metal artwork. Unique pieces.     size golden panther: 8.5 x18 inches  (22x45 cm)

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