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"Art is nothing but humanized science"

arts can promote health and psychological well-being


U & O :    A R T   T H A T   M A K E S    S E N S E


Can Art Boost Your Mood?

Let’s explore the idea that merely viewing artwork affects one’s mood, and indirectly promotes health and well-being.


Local studio artists passionately develop their art and art practice in order to share their ideas, experiences, and tell stories so it’s not unusual to think that viewers of their creations will ultimately be affected and stimulated, visually. In fact, art does make us happy.

Art is a form of communication developed before the written word. The oldest, secure human art found dates to the Late Stone Age during the Upper Paleolithic, possibly from around 70,000 BC. At that time (as it is currently), art was used to pass along valuable information. Cave paintings were a teaching tool and showcased an increased need for different types, and better communication.


Viewing an image uses different parts of our brain and comes in three stages; 


  1. State of confusion as we attempt to work out what the artwork suggests. 

  2. Identifying the representation which triggers the pleasure centers of our brain.

  3. Assigned meaning to the artwork which elicits another emotional response.


Artwork uses the innate visual connections our brains make throughout our lives to create and change our emotions. Recent studies suggest the arts can promote health and psychological well-being and offer a therapeutic tool for many.

The immediate feeling you receive upon first glance at a painting may change if you spend time understanding the artwork or learn the story behind it.

Taste in art is as personal as the work itself. In fact, some clients have chosen an artwork merely from hearing the artwork title which connected to their personality or feeling.


So when you find a piece of art that brings forth less than joyous feelings, read about the artist and the artwork – you never know how learning the “why” and the story will change your perception on it.  

2020 was a fearful year for many but now it is time to break out and be feeling happy and creative again – for businesses it is time to boost their visions and new messages.

Displaying artwork in your home or office does an excellent job accelerating our mood and the mood of the people around it. 


There is no one type of art.  Traditional and contemporary, graphics , sculptures and paintings – All have the potential to evoke a sense of lifestyle. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Art triggers powerful mood-enhancing chemicals in our brain. In fact, art can mimic nature because both the natural world and artwork are two of the biggest sources of inspiration, happiness, and mindfulness.

Neuroaesthetics research suggests that pleasure is derived by the interaction between emotion processing in the brain and the relationship of the beholder with the artwork/artist. That is why at U&O we connect you directly with the artists.


When choosing original wall art for your rooms, office or any other design project, after you determine the size and price requirements, ask yourself  “How will this piece of art make me feel?” Focus on the feelings you want to project, the people in the picture and what subject would be meaningful to you. Think about the colours. If you have no idea, then be sure to chat with a professional at U&O to help you figure that out. 

Neuroaesthetics research suggests that pleasure is derived by the interaction between emotion processing in the brain and the relationship of the beholder with the artwork. Get Luigi P. to explain you more about the world of surrealism. He will have you dive into worlds of magic and dreams. You will be fascinated and get addicted to his work. Luigi is so passionate that he creates on a daily basis since more than 20 years, invited to present his work and philosophy in uncountable exhibitions worldwide. 

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