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"Our personality is revealed by a first look into our Home" 

Why Unique & Original Designers?

Global Selection.
We have a unique wide selection of paintings, sculptures, inner decoration providers, and design artists from around the world.

Our visions are "global".

Our personalised art advisor service gives you access to your own
expert curator for the whole project, from the idea to the realisation.
Unique & Original features work at a wide range of prices to suit all budgets and desires.


Susana C.
Our Interior Stylist:


Dear U&O visitors,

My name is Susana C. I studied

Literature but was always attracted to esthetic in every detail. In my opinion, the way people live will influence and impact their life and emotions. Born in Portugal I lived most of my life in Switzerland where I have been in touch on a daily basis with Arts and Interior Designs. ​

 At U&O I can live out my passion and feel privileged to share it with you. I am excited to help you design your rooms, using a digital 3D visual program that can navigate through your spaces. I can help with choice of styles you are looking for and deliver the items, always respecting the budget you set for it.​

Its  a challenge I Love. You can contact me directly : HERE

or fill the contact form : CONTACT

 Home and Office design that tells more about

us than words could.

Art Expo

In the world of design, one size does not fit all.

As your designers/stylers we prioritize flexibility and the transcription of your needs into the rooms.

We continuously explore new avenues of making customization easier and more accessible.

When thinking of ways we could enable customers to personalize their interior, Susana our home stylist, got to think about the various ways people express themselves.


Everything a person wears says something about who they are. Since we stay home more and will spend much more time working from home in the future, we need enjoyable, inspiring feelings around us.

Let's make "home" our very personal expression


Email me at:

You won't regret the move.

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1st Step

First contact
 Describe your  basic project, budget.

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2nd Step

Chose style
In addition you can upload pictures or examples.
Learn about styles.

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3rd Step

Relax, sit back and wait
for our stylist to start and contact you for design suggestions.

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