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Minimalism is defined by a sense of functionality  and clean lines. Nothing is excessive or decor. When you think Minimalist you think simplicity , refinement , comfort , elegance and functionality. People tend to confuse  Minimalism with coldness and discomfort , this is far from being true. Minimalism design is a way of thinking clean , using a neutral and airy color palette , creating warm and functional spaces. A home where one wishes to live.



Born in the 50’s  Modern Interior Design Style employs a sense of simplicity that was totally unknow at the time. 

Sleek would be the best word to describe Modern Style. A way of thinking homes through clean , straight and crispy lines. Using a simple color palette and materials as glass , metal and steel. 

Modernists Interior Designers lead Interior Design forward as never before. In a search of new materials , new ways of feeling in a World deeply hurted by War.




Though people tend to confuse Modern with Contemporary Interior design Style , they are different , Unique & Original.

Modern is a strict interpretation of design , usually fixed around squared formes and straight lines. On the other hand , Contemporary Style may include curving lines , this is a  more fluid Style.

Contemporary Style describes design based on here and now , it is calm and serene with a focus on architectural elements , decorative details , and a concise color palette to create warm and  sophisticated spaces.

Simplicity , clean lines as well as textures in fabrics are fundamental to bring to life a perfect and balanced home.





As the name implies French country Interior Design Style is a mix of French, Shabby Chic Style and a farmhouse.

Warm and earthy colors are a mus of this Style , mixed with natural materials as stone and brick. Tones of red, yellow and gold play together with heavy linens and bed coverings.





Shabby Chic color palettes includes white , cream , pastels and blue. This is a Style that has its roots in antique and vintage French design and furnishings. Soft and feminine , Shabby Chic marries traditional and vintage in a soft and comfortable way of living a place. 





As the word hints this is a Interior Design Style that gives little space to rules rather encorages freedom on creation.

Anything goes as long as you like it. Colorfull (or not colorfull) pillows play together with antique rugs and vintage furnishings.

A comfortable and easy way of living a home.





Nordic countries have  little daylight hours , so people brought the light into their homes where they spend most of their time.

Spacious , natural ,little accessories , comfortable and functional furniture characterizes Scandinavian Interior Design Style.

Belonging to the school of Modernism , Scandinavian Design focus on simplicity and functionality. The use of natural elements such as wood and leather is common associated with a very light color palette where the white is not only present but essencial on bringing to life stunning though simple and warm spaces. 

Homes to live in.




Industrial Interior Design Style as per the name  is a style that takes inspiration on industrial strutures as warehouses or urban lofts.

It is implied in this Style a sense of unfinished homes. High ceilings , the intense use of metal , wood or recycled materials allied to a dark palette color , brings a sensation of a cold welcoming when you enter in a Industrial styled home.

This is a style that inalates urban vibes , Industrial Revolution , massive production , loads of industrial workers. Not surprisingly there is somehow  a masculine spirit instilled in every room.  But do not take it as a “naked “ Style. Get ready to find bookshelves , throws and many comfortable seating places as this is a not a cold space but a welcoming home where you feel well and where you want to stay.

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