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- Your own piece of Art or a chosen master piece from one of our painters with a personal message or dedication will be your unique personal gift and message to family and descendants.
A place, person, moment, object, animal scenery or simply a special value or message you would like to share and be reminded of.
It is an investment for life, that makes sense, not exchangeable -

Your first "commission" experience?
You will feel completely safe with us. We guarantee an individual support and direct contact to manager and  support of the amazing and reliable artists of the Unique&Original team. After you feel comfortable with our project, we will right away start the journey with you.



Commissioning art is the process of hiring an artist to create an artwork, based on the client's desire, picture or idea. There are many reasons why people commission artworks. 

Whatever the reason, commissions are very common in the art world, and most artists will be more than happy to create a piece according to the client’s desires. 

We will create and can guarantee a fluent communication between client and artist, take care of the financial part and secure the escrow money till the art is delivered. We are passionate about what we do and close to customers and artists. Start your creative journey today and add some lifestyle, love, colours and emotions into your rooms. Art is ... the subtle way to express yourself in the World.


Art for You : in commission art we will be listening and talking about your needs and your personal touch will help us identify what style and artist is best for you.


AVELINO IS THE PERFECT PERSONALITY FOR COMMISSION ART WORK, from portraits, to scenes, artistic movement, emotions, places, messages , and even the spirit of a favourite pet or people's peronality. There is not one emotion or wish Avelino cannot transcript elegantly on a canvas .... any size.

He is at the same time one of the most talented street art artist in California.

You describe your idea in few words or texts and suddenly ...., out of nowwhere there he goes. With no hesitation, creating this amazing painting you could just dream of.

Avelino has the unique ability, as no other to play with different styles, epoques, colours and even materials.

Try him out and you will be astonished.

Compared to other commission painters, Avelino is a professional and very affordable.

Create the painting of your life. You will be proud of and fall in love with. 


Important Notice:

Please first chose a style, topic, design,colours and then contact us to describe your idea. Another possibility is to upload a picture. We talk to the artist and agree on a size, theme and price. Step number three: the artist will submit his initial drawing and detailed specifications, for your approval. Then the journey will be starting. There will be no interim inspections - because unfinished work is never a good idea. Thats when you have to trust the talents of the artist, a professional. You get the Biography and more art of a specific painter under Artists .

Our Commission Artists:








ELEDA C. (Europe & USA)







Please respect that commission work is the most difficult task for an artist, as he/she has to be the filter leading your idea onto a canvas. With us you will not only get a very valuable unique Art Piece you visioned yourself but you will know the person behind its creation. Corporate Art on commission is becoming very popular... as people or companies have specific visual images they want to share...but do not have the talents of an artist to create. Art on commission generally calls for 50% downpayment at the beginning of the work and the balance at completion, with no refunds.

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