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LUINO ITALY - Lago Maggiore

When Art meets Opera ... the world changes into the most precious sensations.

Then...even the shadows of paintings are coloring up.

Eleda's art works are energetic, revealing the power of music, passion and the absolute unrivaled Italian taste and way of Life.

She is a "Lady" and loves to take on Commission Art to turn a picture or vision into breathtaking portraits paintings or exceptional professional artwork of choice. Each stroke of her brushes delivers brings up the live presence of her objects.

The whole energies in a room change with her paintings displayed.

Eleda is unique, as much as for her brilliant artwork than her hidden talents. While creating an artwork she sings opera with the finest tones, each song magically becoming one with the painting and the subjects looking as they would be right in front of you. Eleda transcipts a look/emotion of love, joy or pain with ease and compassion on a canva as you would see the real subject in it. No other is able to compete with Adele when it comes to: "Everything is in the eyes". No words needed.



Eleda C. is a passionate and complex artist painting with grace and ease.  In the latest years she dedicated herself to a visual research focused on the representation of the human figure and portrait.  In her art she transfers all of her experience in the characterization of the face and its soul. Her amazing ability is to bring out the personality of the subject through details. Her subjects are iconic figurative and can be recognized immediately such as famous artists or masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance which she loves to interpret freely with her personal sensibility and contemporary touch, laying a bridge between past and present.


About myself...
In painting I associate with Antonella Petese, well-trained restorer, who was able to grasp this art. She already cultivated it as a child, but it was never openly discovered.
At the age of seven , in my birth city, I won the award as the youngest "exhibitor". 
I was born in Luino, but I lived in Germignaga, in a house surrounded by woods, in which I liked to take refuge to climb the trees, as high as possible, to soar the voice in vocalisations towards the universe, towards God. My whole vivid inspiration comes from there.

Eleda's passion for people also brought her to paint for You. Load a favorite picture into our contact form. We will establish the contact with her and the journey to your amazing personalised artwork will start. Your rooms will

become alive and your mood enhanced every time you/others will pass them.


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