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Luigi P.   ROMANIA

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LUIGI P. was born between the Moldova river and a vast forest. He started drawing when he managed to discover a pencil. His first exhibition was in 1984, in the headquarters of a local newspaper agency, which had an exhibition hall. Then he quit his medical studies for the Academy of Fine Arts, Decorative Art and Design.

He read a lot, he tried not to owe anything to anyone, to be himself, even he himself was difficult to understand. He did internships in Italy, France, and Germany. Here first professional exhibitions took place at the French Cultural Centre in Last, Romania.

Then the 49 personal exhibitions of his Art followed in Romania - in big international Cities as in Italy, the Republic of Moldova, France, Germany, Belgium.

By now his Artwork - graphics (ink on Japanese handmade paper from rice, can be found in State and private Collections in over 56 countries.

Over the years, his Unique techniques have moved from pencil to Bruynzell pencils, Indian ink, black ink, Rembrandt inks, and last but not least the Engraving.

His Engraving has always been alive but in a smaller range. The techniques used are aqua forte, aqua target, cold needle, offset.



"For me, Art is the only path along which you do not seek what
you will never be.
Art  is the courage to bevulnerable.
Most of the time, value judgments outside the art are materialistic and also volatile.
"A cultural epoch is not defined by the content of the ideas it conveys, but by the interpretive filter, it proposes.
My goal, as an artist, is to be that filter for you."    LP


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